Play Slot Genie and Get Amused To the Amazing Features of the Game

How-to-play-pokerAs soon as you think about genie the foremost thing that flashes across your mind are the three desires he will grant you. Few will instantly wish for world peace or sound health for all, while some others would a bit more self-centered or make it about money and the most sensible will wish for unlimited wishes. This slot does not provide you this luxury, however the three lamps you will see in the three wishes power spin will offer you one of the 5 distinct genie based bonuses. The games are also featured with money, but not certain this suits in with the theme precisely, however he does wear in a funny costume.

Magic lamps, flying carpets and genies are all there when you are playing genie jackpots. Remain a part of the magic while you play this interesting slot game which is based on the ancient legends in the Arab world. Genie Jackpots is an exciting and easy to master slot game with a more inviting and colorful interface. It features 5 reels and twenty paylines along with free spins bonus, a strange winning game and both scatter and wild symbols. There are many different methods to win if the magic is on your part. You can also find free spins on front page of the genie slot.

To start play, you need to just use + and – buttons to fix your total wager for spin. It is not needed to choose the paylines and all twenty will be active for all spins. Whenever you find that you are ready to present your wager, simply click on the spin lamp found on the right side of your screen. The reels will start spinning before stopping one after other. Any mix of three like symbols on the adjoining reels, while starting with first position at left, produces a win. Genie jackpots also deliver an autoplay feature if this desires you. If you click on the autoplay button rather than spin lamp, you will find an opportunity to pick a predetermined number of spins that the game would do for you.

Mystery winning bonus is the best aspect of genie slot and I loved this lot more. While you find bonus scatter symbols on reels one and three and a chest symbol of 5th reel during standard spin, you will be triggering mystery win bonus game. You would know you have done so upon seeking the genie appearing with treasure chest.